Miguel Cabrera is one of Major League Baseball's most interesting players. 

The Detroit Tigers slugger has had his share of personal issues that have clouded an otherwise incredible professional career, but he's much more than a sometimes reckless character.

Much, much more. 

ESPN's Sam Alipour recently published a feature story on Cabrera, MLB's Triple Crown-winning star, that should shed a little light on the mystery of Miggy. 

Give it a read. It's well worth the time. 

Here's an excerpt: 

Before I managed to completely alienate one of America's most accomplished sports stars, Cabrera had been open and animated in sharing his journey from the pebbled fields of Maracay, Venezuela, to his recent standout season. This from a man who, while absolutely fearless in the batter's box, is also fiercely protective of his privacy and rarely opens up to anyone outside of a small circle of family and friends. Cabrera entrusted me with his story in part because he'd come to know me and my own American tale. Like Cabrera's, my family migrated here from a faraway place, arriving in limbo -- no longer a part of our old world, not quite at home in the new one. For a short while, I dwelled inside his bubble. Now I'm being shoved out by its keeper, who's either oddly paranoid or rightfully furious, depending on your opinion of my crime: asking him about his past issues with alcohol.

Cabrera is in his prime. He'll certainly be a Hall of Famer by time his career is completed. To judge a man by his past is to negate what he's capable of doing in the future. 

Oftentimes, a public figure is ridiculed beyond belief for their wrongs. If Cabrera were a commoner, no one would think twice about his drunken-driving escapades and alcohol problems. But he's not a commoner, he's one of the greatest hitters that the game of baseball has ever seen. 

His misdeeds will be magnified because of who he is, that's just how things work, wrongly or rightly so.

I'm not suggesting that Cabrera should be granted a pass for his previous transgressions. What I am saying is that he shouldn't be solely judged by his mistakes -- we all make bad decisions from time to time

There is more to Cabrera than a powerful bat. He's a character -- and a great one. His love for baseball is evident each time he cracks his ear-to-ear smile. His love is clear each time he steps to the plate in an attempt to wow spectators. 

Simply put, he's a player that fans of other teams root for. He's baseball. He's Miggy. He's more than meets the eye. 

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