Justin Verlander is considered by some to be from out of this world; his arm isn't that of a normal man, nor is his rocket-like fastball. 

However, even the best-of-the-best have rough days. And Sunday was such a day for Verlander, the Detroit Tigers' ace who has an American League MVP and Cy Young award on his resume. 

The New York Yankees pieced up Verlander for three earned-runs and seven hits through 7.1 innings during a 7-0 victory at Comerica Park in Detroit. 

Yankees ace CC Sabathia went seven innings, surrendering four hits and no runs to a potent Tigers lineup led by heavy hitters Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. 

Sometimes one top-tier pitcher gets the best of another, as Bless You Boys' Al Beaton so eloquently points out in a post-game thoughts piece on the immensely popular Tigers blog.

Beaton highlights the fact that despite Verlander's OK showing Sunday, that the Tigers star typically picks up a win with a similar stat line as he had during the loss to New York. 

Verlander doesn't always leave changeups hanging high in the zone, either. Yankees shorstop Jayson Nix hopped on that pitch in the second inning, resulting in a two-run homerun that gave his team a 3-0 lead.

The Tigers -- despite getting eight hits -- didn't exactly help out Verlander in the runs department. But don't expect that to be the case for the rest of 2013 season. Detroit has an offense capable of putting six or more runs on the board on any given occasion. 

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