Brandon Inge wasn't always well liked by Detroit Tigers fans, and it appears the disdain for the arm-tattooed third-bagger has spilled over to the minor league circuit. 

Now with the Indianapolis Indians, the Pittsburgh Pirates' Triple-A affiliate, Inge was reportedly greeted by hostile Toledo Mud Hens fans Tuesday night in Toledo. 

Keep in mind that the Mud Hens are the Tigers' Triple-A affiliate. Inge may or may not have been recognized by Toledo fans (he played there, too) who allegedly threw peanuts, from the stands, at him. 

Deadspin has the goods here.

Fans were ejected, according to Twitter accounts. And it wasn't the first time that Mud Hens fans got a little too friendly, either. 

The following is a word-for-word report from the Toldeo Blade about Inge's involvement, along with teammate Felix Pie. 

Before the fifth inning began, the fan came to railing on the far side of the Indianapolis dugout and exchanged words with Inge. A number of Inge’s teammates came to his defense, with several attempting to jump the railing that separated them from the fan. The fan was escorted out of the ballpark but attempted to throw beer on the Indians before leaving.

Needless to say, entering the stands -- or attempting to -- isn't a good idea. Yes, athletes are humans, too. But it's ridiculous for them to get involved with "fans" who have nothing better to do than to throw peanuts and hurl negative comments toward players. 

If anything, Inge should remember the famous Brawl at The Palace that involved in former Pacers forward Ron Artest (now Metta World Peace). Never a good idea to engage paying customers, no matter the circumstances. 

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